​​Born in Venezuela, I graduated in Architecture from the Universidad Jose Maria Vargas, Venezuela. I grew up surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and by beautiful urban and natural landscapes. With a long-standing passion for the environment, I then completed an MSc in Advanced Sustainable Design from the University of Edinburgh, UK. always seeking to be respectful of the environment in each of my projects.

I developed my professional career as an Architect both in Venezuela and London. After enriching my experience and expanding my horizons by living in London and Edinburgh and by having the opportunity to travel extensively, I pursued my other great passion, the Arts.  This led me to attaining a Certificate in Painting and Sculpture from The Art Academy, London


After eight years in the UK, I relocated to Madrid, where I have continued to further develop my passion for the Arts. I studied Applied Creativity at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. I also made an Executive Program of the Creative Sector, ‘Creative Industries Network’, at the IED Madrid. I recently completed a MA at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. My art has taken me and my work to incredible places, with exhibitions in Madrid, Hong Kong, London, Oxford and Harrowgate.

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Inspired by the built environment, decaying food & the human figure 

I explore the depths of the body on its surface: the skin…​​


Artist paintings sculptures and installations