Inspired by the built environment, decaying food & the human figure 

I explore the depths of the body on its surface: the skin…​​


I study the need to explore the depths of the body on its surface: the skin. Starting from the process of transformation, where without ignoring its history, its scars, the passage of time, putrefaction and death, it gives rise to a new life, a new skin, understanding it as the sensory center, as the text that tells its history in what is shown and in the occult; that expresses emotions detectable by others through their pallor or redness, their temperature, goosebumps and sweating.

The skin is that visible and tangible body, both for ourselves and for others. It is the meeting place between the everyday and the physiological.

Through this exploration and construction of skins in different spaces and through the intervention of them, I seek to advance in the journey of creation of my own skin. Rediscover my nature as that body free of conditioning, like that woman's skin.

The absence or denial of our own feminine side prevents us from experiencing the balance that is played as the reflection in the world of norms, judgments, expectations and guilt.

New and fresh skin symbolically represents the release of old ways of thinking that do not work. It is the vitality that expresses itself in the sensual, responding to stimuli, to the force of creative life and transformation. They are dreams and desires; power and understanding; conscience, reason and integrity.

Artist paintings sculptures and installations